The microphone of the headset connected to my ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER doesn’t work.

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  • Date : 2022-11-22
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1 - Make sure that your headset is properly connected to your ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER.

2 - Make sure that your headset’s microphone is not muted. Press the MIC button:
a. If the left-hand LED (profile 1) flashes, your microphone is muted.
b. If the right-hand LED (profile 2) flashes, your microphone is enabled.

3 - Make sure that your ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER is properly connected to one of the USB ports on your PC or console. Connecting the ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER via a USB hub does not allow you to use a microphone.

Please note: If no headset is connected to or detected by the ESWAP X PRO CONTROLLER, the MIC button will have no effect and the LEDs will not flash.