My Thrustmaster joystick or yoke doesn’t work or stops working when I’m playing online on Xbox

Products : T.Flight Full Kit X ; T.Flight Hotas One ; TCA Sidestick X Airbus Edition ; TCA Captain Pack X Airbus Edition ; TCA Yoke Boeing Edition ; TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition ; TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition

Game consoles : Xbox One™ ; Xbox Series S™ ; Xbox Series X™

This article may help you if you play online on your Xbox console, especially if your Thrustmaster joystick product is not recognized or stops working during an online game.
Here are our recommendations for playing online on Xbox with our products.

Before getting started:
To make sure that your product works properly, please try following these simple tips.
- use your product with different games
- play an offline game with your product
- test your product with a PC running Windows® or more recent

1) Make sure that the game is installed on your Xbox console

Make sure that the game's installation steps follow our recommendations below:
- Download the game or have its installation disk.
- Install the game on your Xbox console

Once these steps are confirmed, launch your game and enter online gaming mode. You will then be able to use your Thrustmaster joystick product online on your Xbox console.

Warning on Cloud gaming and Streaming:
-> Thrustmaster products can only be supported by games installed on the game console.
-> Thrustmaster products cannot be supported by games used only via the cloud or a remote server*.

*Note about Game Pass:
Some games are available online directly via the Game Pass service. This service only supports standard game gamepads, and not Thrustmaster joystick products.

Also, the most recent games are generally available for installation on Xbox Series S™ and Xbox Series X™. However, the Game Pass sometimes allows you to play them with an Xbox One™, but their installation on this console may not be available (example: Microsoft Flight Simulator).

2) Check the game's compatibility with your product on Xbox

Check whether your game appears in the compatibility list displayed on the “Game settings” section of your product’s page: Technical Support website
(You can find the direct link to your product's page at the top of this article).

Compatible games appear in the list for the game console in question.

3) If you play specifically on Xbox Series S™ and Xbox Series X™

It is possible that your joystick product might stop working during an online gaming session despite the fact that you have installed the game and confirmed your product’s compatibility.
Should that occur, please make sure that the Quick Resume function is disabled. To help you do so, please consult our guide:
Remarks on the use of racing wheels and joysticks with the QUICK RESUME mode of the Xbox Series X™ and Xbox Series S™ consoles
If you play on PC or a different game console, our second article may interest you:
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