My Thrustmaster joystick or yoke doesn’t work when playing online – PC and game consoles

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PC running Windows® 10 or more recent.
Game consoles: PS4™; PlayStation®5; Xbox One™; Xbox Series S™; Xbox Series X™

This article may help you if you are playing an online game and your Thrustmaster joystick product is not working, partially working, or stops working. We present our recommendations for playing online with our products.
The advice in this article applies to both PC and game consoles.

Before getting started:
To make sure that your product works, you can follow this simple tip.
- use your product with different games
- play an offline game with your product
- test your product in its control panel

1. Make sure the game is installed on your PC or game console

Make sure that the game's installation steps follow our recommendations below:
- Download the game or have its installation disc.
- Install the game on your PC or game console.

Once these steps are confirmed, start up your game and enter online gaming mode. You will then be able to use your Thrustmaster joystick product online.

Warning regarding Cloud gaming and Streaming:
-> Thrustmaster products can only be supported by games installed on the platform being used (PC or console).
-> Thrustmaster products cannot be supported by games used only via the cloud or a remote server*.

*Some online gaming services generally offer direct access to a game hosted on a remote server, which is not your PC or game console. These services only support standard gamepads.

2. If you play on PC

Make sure that you have installed the latest driver for your product on your PC.

If necessary, you will find the driver for your device on our website in the “Drivers” section: Technical Support website
(You can find the direct link to your product's page at the top of this article).

About the Driver and PC games:
The driver may be required to play some PC games. Please also note that the driver forThrustmaster joystick products lets you access the product's functionalities in flight simulation games (Flight Sim).
We cannot guarantee that our products will always be compatible with games available on PC.

3. If you play on a game console

Check whether your game appears in the compatibility list displayed in the “Game settings” section of your product's page: Technical Support website
(You can find the direct link to your product's page at the top of this article).

Compatible games appear in the list for the game console in question.

Please note:
The “Game Settings” section only appears on our website if the product is compatible with a game console.

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