My T128 (PS4/PS5/PC) is not recognized by my console or some console games do not support it

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When you connect your T128 to your console (PS4™ or PS5™), the LED that is located above the PS button should light up blue.
This will enable you to navigate the console menus and the steering wheel will be supported by all compatible games.

However, if your steering wheel is not recognized by the console, or if the PS button does not open the console menu, or if some compatible console games do not support the steering wheel, then it will be necessary to check the game mode of your steering wheel.

Indeed, the LED is color-coded to indicate the platform for which the wheel is currently set:

GREEN: PC game mode

BLUE: PlayStation® standard compatibility
= recommended mode for now

RED: PlayStation® future compatibility

So, when connecting your T128 to your console (PS4™ or PS5™), if the LED color is different from the recommended console mode, we invite you to manually select the game mode by following the directions given in the user manual.

Important: for PS4™ and PS5™ we recommend to select the Blue mode