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1. Install the drivers. “DRIVERS FORCE FEEDBACK (Package 2018_TTRS_2) + Firmware”: https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/bt-led-display-en/ During this procedure:
  • Do not connect the BT LED Display to your PC before being prompted to do so.
  • The BT LED Display must be connected directly to the computer’s USB port (we suggest that you do not use a USB hub for this procedure).
  • The BT LED Display PC drivers let you update the product’s firmware, but do not allow you to use the product in your PC games.
  • The BT LED Display is not detected in the Control Panel: this is normal.
2. Restart the computer. 3. Update the firmware. IMPORTANT: For the firmware update, the BT LED Display must always be powered on BEFORE connecting it to the computer via a micro-USB cable.
    • Step 1: Power on the BT LED Display by pressing on/off button
(the text “Thrustmaster BT Wheel Display” scrolls across the main display).
    • Step 2: Once the BT LED Display is powered on (and only then), connect it to your PC using a micro-USB cable.
a. In Windows 7 In the “Start > All Programs > Thrustmaster > FFB Racing wheel” menu, click “Firmware Update”. b. In Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 In the Start menu’s Search section, type Firmware Update to bring up the firmware update software. This can also be accessed via Apps > Thrustmaster. 4. The BT LED Display will be listed under “Device”.
  • The “Device” section displays the device’s current firmware versions.
  • The “Firmware” section displays information regarding the firmware version that will be applied to the device.
5. When you are ready to continue, click OK. IMPORTANT: DO NOT DISCONNECT the USB cable and DO NOT POWER OFF the BT LED Display during the firmware update. The firmware update procedure then takes place (the progress is shown onscreen). The updater program will let you know whether the procedure has successfully completed. 6. Click OK to return to the updater program’s main window. Carry out the same procedure for both the “MAIN” and “BLUETOOTH” firmware.
    • Ver.: 1.17 is the latest version currently available for the MAIN firmware.
    • Ver.: 1.18 is the latest version currently available for the BLUETOOTH firmware.
7. Click to exit the program. If the firmware update procedure fails or displays an error message, please contact Thrustmaster’s technical support team, who will guide you through the necessary steps to be taken. Congratulations: you are now ready to play!