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The T300 / T150 racing wheel and the relevant SDK (Software Development Kit) are issued to major PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4 game development studios to ensure full compatibility with forthcoming releases. The T300 /T150 SDK enables PlayStation®3/PlayStation®4 game development teams to configure and manage Force Feedback effects. The SDK includes the ability to adjust the wheel's angle of rotation from 40 to 1080°. Individual development teams are therefore able to adjust and define wheel rotation angles according to their own preferences. The wheel automatically adjusts to choices made by development teams. However, it is also possible to manually change the angle of rotation selected by default. To do so, simultaneously press (and release):
  • “D-Pad Right” + “MODE button” to increase the angle of rotation by one step
  • “D-Pad Left” + “MODE button” to decrease the angle of rotation by one step
5 possible settings
ANGLE OF ROTATION selected LED status
270° Flashes 1 time
360° Flashes 2 times
540° Flashes 3 times
900° Flashes 4 times
1080° Flashes 5 times
270° Flashes 1 time
Etc… Etc…
  • Changing the angle of rotation manually does not permanently save the change = you must repeat the procedure each time the game restarts.
  • This tip will not function properly in some games (such as GRAN TURISMO®) which adjust or modify the angle of rotation at startup or at the restart of each race, according to the type of car being used.