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  • Checking the racing wheel's center value:
- On PC, access the Control Panel, then adjust the rotation angle to 1080°. - Place your racing wheel's axis on the 50% marker, then check that your racing wheel is physically perfectly centered.
  • Reconfiguring the racing wheel's center value
(If the racing wheel is slightly off-center in the Control Panel) - If using a PS3/PS4, we recommend performing this procedure in the PS3/PS4 system's menu (not in a game). - If using a PC, we recommend performing this procedure via the Windows® Desktop (not in a game), after exiting the Control Panel. 1) Connect the racing wheel's USB cable (on PS3/PS4 or on PC), then wait for the auto-calibration phase to end. 2) Turn the racing wheel fully to the left (until you reach the stop). 3) Turn the racing wheel fully to the right (until you reach the stop). 4) Make sure that your racing wheel is perfectly centered ; while holding it in this position, press the START, SELECT & MODE buttons simultaneously : * PS & GT WHEEL = « SE + ST + MODE » * F1 WHEEL = « BO + WET + MODE » * 458 CHALLENGE GTE WHEEL = « SCROLL + RIGHT PADDLE Shifter + MODE » * TM Leather 28 GT WHEEL = « RED BUTTON + RIGHT PADDLE Shifter + MODE » * 599XX EVO 30 ALCANTARA® WHEEL = « RADIO + RIGHT PADDLE Shifter + MODE » 5) The racing wheel's LED briefly changes colour, then reverts to its initial colour. This means that the wheel's center value has been reset and automatically saved to the device's internal memory (you do not need to repeat the procedure every time you connect the racing wheel); this applies to all of the wheels (PS, GT, F1, 458 GTE, etc.). YOU ARE NOW READY TO RACE!