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The T.Flight Rudder pedals (TFRP) are provided, when purchased separately, with the T.RJ12 USB adapter, which allows to connect the pedals to an USB port of your computer. When connecting the pedals this way, you can test their functionality by following these steps:  
  • press the WIN and R keys on your keyboard at the same time
  • type "joy.cpl" (without the quotation marks) in the "Run" window and press "Enter"
  • in the new window that opens up, double click on the name of your TFRP and then test the 2 brake pedals and the rudder functio
The TFRP can also be connected directly to the T.Flight HOTAS 4 joystick or the TWCS throttle. When connecting the TFRP to one of these devices, it will no longer be displayed in the “Game controllers” panel. Instead, you will only see the joystick or throttle being displayed there. By accessing the properties of your joystick/ throttle you will be able to test the functionality of the TFRP.